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About Us

"Most organisation have shockingly high levels of misdirected or underutilised financial and human resource. The bigger shock is that much of this is institutionalised and many managers are blissfully unaware that it is a problem."
Denis Taylor
Delivering 4 Day organisation improvement education to students at the Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait.
Part of the University of Dundee's Master Course Diabetes Care, Education and Management MSc.
Based in Dundee, I founded the Hidden Office Ltd in 2009 as a fresh way of applying my experience to help businesses and other organisations in Scotland.

A physicist by early education I found the pace of my early scientific research work a bit slow for me and so headed down the commercial business route.     Some of the positions held and the organisations I have worked for........

  • Director of Engineering & Quality,  NCR, Ithaca, NY State
  • Vice President of Operations and Quality, AT&T, St.Paul, Minnesota
  • Vice President for Global PC Procurement, DELL, Austin, Texas
  • MD Solectron Scotland and VP European Services & Logistics Amsterdam
  • Senior Director of Trade & Investment, Scottish Government (SDI), Glasgow

Having worked locally and internationally for organisations large and small, I have learned that productivity is not so much a challenge but a real problem - almost everywhere!     Private or public sector. There is so much waste of financial and human resource. So much opportunity.

the Hidden Factory
In 1977, the quality guru Armand Feigenbaum created the notion that much of the endeavour of the company that is not quality minded is directed inadvertently to creating waste and performing wasteful tasks.  It was as if there were two factories. One 100% efficient, effective and producing perfect output and the other producing nothing but waste.  He called this the hidden factory  ...the extra useful, positive output that would theoretically be possible if the energy directed at creating waste were released and directed instead at making good quality items.

He estimated that the endeavour within the hidden factory might be 15% to 40% of total company effort! 

Apply that concept to the office environment...and so the Hidden Office is born!

Areas of expertise
  • Operations planning and management
  • Organisational Development
  • Financial and business performance improvement
  • Problem Solving training
  • Enterprise (aka work skills) training
  • Mentoring and leadership development
  • Systems Thinking
  • Supply Chain and Outsourcing
  • Work flow analysis
  • Risk management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • General Management
Stewart Laing delivering 2 Day "Winning Foreign Direct Investment" workshop to HQ staff at
Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Inverness