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Winning Foreign Direct Investment

Here we outline one of our most successful programmes for attracting foreign investment.

This programme works most effectively when fully customised to our clients specific needs and operating envirnomment.

Attracting and Winning Foreign Direct Investment

Globally, foreign direct investment is growing at a phenomenal rate. The world market is intensely competitive with developing nations becoming increasingly attractive to investors.  

In such a highly competitive environment, investment agencies, enterprise partnerships and their teams must operate at the highest possible level if they are to attract the investments essential to creating jobs and fuelling economic growth.

Winning Foreign Direct Investment (WFDI) will boost the knowledge and capability of teams responsible for promoting their location to foreign owned corporations.

Attendees will benefit from a thorough understanding of the nature of FDI and a much enhanced ability to communicate and sell the strengths of their region to potential investors.  

They will also learn how caring for foreign companies already established within the region is critically important to encouraging retention and creation of jobs.

WFDI, is also extremely useful development for staff in partnering public and private sector organisations.

WFDI’s 7 modules can be configured for delivery over 1 (refresher) or 2 days (in depth)

1. Introduction to Foreign Direct Investment
  • What motivates companies to engage in FDI?
  • Key factors that they use to evaluate investment locations
  • Global trends influencing transnational companies
  • Host location benefits in attracting FDI

 2. Developing an Investment Promotion Strategy  (2 day only)
  •  Developing a winning proposition that reflects your location’s strengths
  • Identifying the markets most likely to yield projects that fit your strategy
  • Accounting for local supply chain strengths and gaps
  • Gaining advantage through integrated public/private sector planning 
  • Ensuring high performance translation of strategy into operations

 3  Strengthening your Location’s Image
  • Assess investor (and their advisors) perceptions of your location
  • Understand the merits of different channels and promotional routes
  • Learn how to generate positive coverage with local and international Media

 4  Developing an engagement plan for potential investors
  •  Building awareness of your proposition within the target investors
  • Effective techniques to reach and engage with key decision makers
  • Events (home and abroad)
  • Developing value driven solutions for your prospective investors
  • Generating and converting leads from your target market
  • Working with UKTI

 5  Partnering for Success 
  • Working with UKTI
  • Working with Government and Political Leaders
  • Partnering with other regions and cities to win mutually beneficial projects

 6  Working with Prospective and Existing Investors
  •  Connecting with Investors at home and abroad 
  • Preparing an investor visit programme to your location
  • Collaborating with partners to create a positive experience
  • Understanding the critical importance of managing existing investors 
  • Methods to help retention and growth of existing investors including managing “Branch - HQ relations”

 7  Monitoring and Evaluating your Performance
  •  Evaluating the effectiveness of your activities
  • Using data and an FDI “dashboard” to improve agency performance
  • Demonstrating progress to Government​

About our Experts

The UK  has a leading position as a world class destination for high quality inward investment. However that success is not enjoyed evenly across our regions and e.g. London , the North East and Scotland are winning a disproportionate number of projects.  

Scotland’s economic development agency, Scottish Development International (SDI) has achieved international acclaim and two of the principle architects of that success were Denis Taylor and Stewart Laing. 

During his tenure as Director for SDI’s Scottish operations Denis Taylor helped steer SDI to consistently outperform the rest of the UK in FDI projects won.

His approach built upon his experiences as a senior executive with leading global companies including DELL, AT&T , NCR and Solectron. 

At Dell he led the expansion of its supply chain into China and Taiwan. At Solectron, a US based, multi $Billion electronics manufacturer, he led its strategic investment programme in Europe.  

Stewart Laing, as SDI’s Director of Marketing, took Scotland’s skills and location brand to the world.

His successful blend of  Direct Marketing, Advertising, Domestic and International Events, PR and internet campaigns helped attract record levels of investment interest in Scotland during his 6 years at the agency.  

Prior to SDI, Stewart was Head of Marketing at Scottish Power.  Following SDI he moved to  Director of Marketing at Glasgow Caledonian University.
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