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Workshop Training

Here we present a selection of our most effective workshops. 

They can be delivered as "off the shelf" programmes as well as customised (recommended) to meet the specific needs and circumstances of the client.

Core Skills​.

Designed to enhance the knowledge, confidence and ability of staff to develop and strengthen essential core skills to help them grow and excel in today's demanding organisational environments.   

The module is most suitable for new or inexperienced staff or staff looking for a refresher.

This workshop contains some of the most useful and effective features of our other modules.

  • Personal time management
  • Problem Solving
  • Understanding the organisation (for larger organisations)
  • Sales & Influencing Skills
  • Dealing with stress
  • Managing the boss! ( inc "Bring me solutions not problems"!)

Duration: 2 Days
Option:   1:1 post course remote mentoring / per attendee

An Introduction to Sales & Marketing.

It's clear that to be succesful in whatever business you are in, you must understanding who your customers are and communicate what you have to offer in ways that are meaningful to them.  Then all that needs to be done is to satisfy and retain them!

This course builds on the premise that “we are all in sales” and provides creative, practical insights and methods to assist your organisation to achieve its goals for growth, reputation and customer satisfaction.  

Also useful in adding to the business knowledge of ALL staff. Helping them understand the role they play in "working for customers" and in supporting their colleagues in sales and marketing functions.

  • Business and financial imperatives for growth*
  • Adopting a Working for Customers  ethos
  • Identifying and responding to your customer needs
  • The customer journey - mapping tools*
  • Understanding your value proposition*
  • Describing your offering in the language of benefits that customers want
  • Developing and communicating your messages
  • Client “aftercare” *

Duration: 1  Day and 2 Day workshops   (*Included in 2 day)
Option:  To build in your organisation's sales  plans, customer profiles etc.

Time Management

Yes that ubiquitous time management course!

However the effective use of our working and private time remains one of most powerful factors in the success of individuals and the organisations that they work for.

the Hidden Office brings a variation to the norm by (optionally) reprising your organisation's objectives to focus the workshop on the effective use of time in pursuit of the organisation's priorities.

  • Where does the day go?
  • Setting Priorities
  • Managing Time Stealers
  • Making email, calendars, phones and systems work for you
  • 5S in the Office
  • The Pareto Principle
  • Managing yourself
  • Managing your Boss!

Duration: 1 Day
Option:      To include a review of your organisations objectives
Problems - Solving & Preventing​​​
Marie Curie once said,

 "Nothing in life is to be feared. Is is only to be understood"

That view underpins our approach to problem solving and problem prevention.  While most problem solving courses focus on, well...solving problems, our workshop has an additional focus on understanding the cause of problems and using this to predict and prevent potential problems from arising in the first place.

This module is suitable for all staff and like all our workshops it can be tailored to the specific needs of our our clients.

  • Culture & Behaviours in "Learning Organisations"
  • The Anatomy of Problems
  • Quality is "Free"!
  • Root Cause & System Thinking
  • Core Data Analysis Tools
  • Developing Solutions
  • Risk Analysis
  • Predicting, Preventing and Mitigating 

Duration: 1 Day 
Option:      Post workshop mentoring support.

Improvement Planning & Implementation  (Change Management)

This workshop is designed to equip attendees with the knowledge to identify, develop and implement specific projects to improve the performance of their workplace, their organisation or business.  This module builds on our problem solving course and adds elements of resource planning, project management and value analysis. We also consider soft, behavioural topics such as influencing skills and other change management type skills that contribute to the success of change projects.

We include the option of attendees developing a change / improvement project that our facilitors will provide post work shop advice and mentoring support.

  • Culture & Behaviours in "Learning Organisations"
  • Setting  and Prioritising Improvement Objectives 
  • Quality is "Free"!
  • Workflow Improvement*
  • 5S in the Office*
  • Gathering Support for Change
  • Devloping the Plan
  • Maintaining Support and Managing Implementation  
  • Project Management Basics
  • Rewarding & Recognising Success!

Duration: 1 Day and 2 Day workshops.  (*Included in 2 day)
Option:      Post workshop Improvement project mentoring support.
To minimise costs we typically run workshops at our clients premises.
Prices begin at £120 per person/day for groups up to 7 attendees.
This allows for some client customisation.  
We are happy to offer rate reductions for groups larger than 7
Costs for post workshop mentoring and follow up are by separate agreement.